Eos Energía company owned by Aczia and Audax Energía, launches TR3S programe.

 TR3S= Residuo + el3ctricidad + gaS



ACZIA creates ABONIA, its fertilizer brand.

  Product DataSheet


Aczia Biogás

It conceives its facilities as valorization of organic waste for energy production and fertilizer. In our facilities, we maximize sources of income or savings without dependence on a single source, and above all without being conditioned by regulated prices.

The valorization of the organic residue, obtaining electrical, thermal or refrigeration energy, and the possibility of returning to the earth in a short term elements of such value, such as Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium; allows to close the cycle that began when the vegetables absorbed these nutrients, that later were turned into flour, vegetables, fruits, animal feed and foodstuff for the human being. We return to the earth part of what we extract in each process of food transformation.