Scalable modular plant for powers up to 500 kW destined for the production of energy for the agro-food industry, using its residue as the main base diet. With the generation of biogas used as fuel in cogeneration engines for the production of electric energy and heat, destined for the production process of the industry, and if applicable, for the transformation of heat to cooling for refrigeration by means of trigeneration equipment, also for Its use in the customer's production process. Specially designed for the integration of its handling within the maintenance and operation of the client's industrial plant. It has a configuration that allows the remote control by means of "tele monitoring ACZIA" system.

It generates significant savings in the customer's energy bill, and eliminates the cost of managing their waste.

Designs adapted to the industrial and energy reality of each client.


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Specially designed to work with livestock slurry co-digested with different crops, fruit and vegetable detritus and in general vegetable residue from agricultural activity. AGRO plants can have different potencies depending on the flow of manure from each client.

Simple design, robust, and economical, ready to work in a rural environment, with its own machinery and easily accessible in local markets for quick repair.

Designed for livestock and agricultural farms that own much of the waste needed to make them work.

With energy, electric and thermal generation, destined to the own consumption of the agricultural facility, and with production of composting as complement. It includes maintenance program designed for this type of installations.